🎓  Two Day Virtual Live Workshop for Entrepreneurs and Career Professionals🎓

Two Day Paradigm Shifting Virtual Workshop to Create Your Divine Design of Abundance.

An Illumination Academy™ training with Kisma -VIP Ticket

Friday, October 6th 12:00pm- 3:00pm  Eastern
Emerald Green Flame Energy Clearing - Friday 6:00pm Eastern
Saturday, October 7th, 12:00pm-3:00pm Eastern

Shift Your Paradigm, and Shift Your Life.

  • Understand the paradigm you are operating from now and what this means for you.
  • Understand the foundational beliefs that have held you back or kept you from expansion in life and business...and what to do about them.
  • Discover how to work WITH the Universal Laws for a new paradigm of prosperity!
  • Download extreme amounts of confidence and certainty that can only be attainable AFTER you shift your current paradigm.
  • Embrace a mindset of Unlimited Possibility.
  • ​Become a Manifesting Alchemist and shape the reality that you want.

Replace paradigms that hold you back so that you can access self-certainty, no matter what. 

Your soul brought you right here...to the most impactful teachings on the planet. I call it Divine Timing. 

Want to hear the good news?

I know exactly why incredibly powerful people like you struggle to master the skill of manifesting the life and business you want. I'll share with you how to escape the "pendulum of despair and doubt". I'll also show you the #1 mistake most humans make when they "think" they are manifesting what they want...

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What I’m about to share with you is the most exciting work that merges the spiritual work and neuroscience, so that you can shift your state, upgrade your paradigms, and create unimaginable abundance.

(and no one is teaching this...)

 I'm going to reveal the best kept secrets that no one else is talking about.

Two Day Paradigm Shifting Workshop to Create Your Divine Design in Life and Business.


So what is The Abundance Alchemy™ Two Day Paradigm Shifting Workshop & why is it the KEY to living a life of FREEDOM?

Most people are swept up in the pendulum of doubt, worry, and "not enough-ness". So they cannot reach the vibrational resonance necessary to attract what they want and BE who they really want to be...

During The Abundance Alchemy™ Two Day Workshop, I'm going to walk you through a specific framework that will help you break through and break free from Core Doubts, Core Beliefs, and Core Fears that hold you back...

Simply put, you'll have your Divine Design mapped out so that doors of opportunity open, abundance flows, and you finally KNOW who you really are.
It's like you'll have a new operating system for confidence, abundance, and self-certainty.

My clients call it complete freedom. Ready for it?

When you DIVE INTO

The Abundance Alchemy™ Two Day Paradigm Shifting Workshop,

you will learn how to consistently live in alignment with

  • You are a Spiritual Being having a physical experience. 
  • Your mind is powerful and connected to Universal Mind.
  • You can re-decide for what you want and install a new paradigm that makes decisions easy, actions magnificent, and life amazing.
  • Intuition is your spiritual edge and by clearing blocks, you'll access it in ways you never thought possible.
  • Learning the framework of Abundance Alchemy™ you'll be living as the architect of your life and create the Divine Design for abundance.

Here's What You'll Learn During The Abundance Alchemy™ Two Day Virtual Paradigm Shifting Workshop

Kisma will help you access Your Own Spiritual Power & Limitless Abundance by letting go of the pendulum of despair and doubt so that you finally have the confidence, happiness, and harmony that you deeply desire.

The cosmos and all of creation are like the ocean -- with eddys, waves, and crashes. Masters of manifesting don’t try to find calm seas. When they manifest, they “surf the Universe” by navigating life with ease and flow, decisiveness and confidence.

The Abundance Alchemy™ Paradigm Shifting Two Day Workshop Schedule:

  • Session #1: Friday, October 6th— 9:00am — 12:00pm PACIFIC (12pm-3pm Eastern)
  • Session #2: Friday, October 6th — Emerald Green Flame Energy Clearing, 3pm - 3:45pm Pacific 
  • ​Session #3: Saturday, October 7th — 9:00am —12:00pm Pacific (12pm-3pm Eastern) 

Here’s the magic that will take place during the Abundance Alchemy™ Two Day Virtual Paradigm Shifting Workshop... 

1. Identify what YOU really want...and WHY

Most people try to manifest based on past experiences and what they think they can get, rather than what they really want. During our time inside The Abundance Alchemy™, you'll get to the core of what you want and who you desire to be. This is a sacred journey that will help you identify lower vibe energies and emotions and Kisma will help you solve and clear them. 

2. SHIFT your Core Wounds, Beliefs, and Fears so they never hold you back again.

Doubt, fear, and worry are prosperity disruptors. Faith in your new possibility is - by definition - the absence of these energies. Most people don’t have the spiritual fortitude to maintain vibrational alignment with their desires because they are thinking, speaking, and taking action from CORE WOUNDS, beliefs, and fears— rather than their Highest Vibrational Self.  Kisma will help  you shift this so that you can create a magnificent reality and astonishing abundance.

3. Clear the Abundance Blocks, once and for all...

Blocks are energies that have built up over time...most of them due to the paradigms and layers of beliefs you have acquired over time. Kisma will teach you her Quantum Prosperity Framework so that you can release all blocks and limiting beliefs— making it exciting to take action and realize your goals.

4. Walk away with your Divine Design for Life and Business.

Energy is everything. You have access to the greatest and unlimited supply of spiritual energy— Universal Substance. Yet, when your subconscious mind is stuck in an old paradigm, you will manifest at that vibrational level. Kisma and Special Guest Speaker, Nick Hansinger, (The Mystic Next Door™) will teach you how to clear the energy of old paradigms and harness the power within at the highest vibrational level.

5. Bonus #1: Emerald Green Flame Energy Clearing - $1111 value

Limiting Paradigms don't just get stuck in your mind. They also get get stuck in your ENERGY. 

In this Deep Energetic Clearing, you'll be guided through a proven process to release old, stagnant energy and patterns with ease. Kisma's clearing processes are powerful, yet gentle, and extremely effective at helping you reset your energy for Abundance. 

6. Bonus #2: Event Recordings in Illumination Academy™ - $1111 value

The magic and transformation doesn't end after two magical days because you'll have access to all of the event recording in Kisma's online school- Illumination Academy™- for life

Review lessons for deeper learning. Repeat the exercises for new insight. Use the clearing processes again and again for more clarity. Anytime you want. 

Note: These professional produced and edited recordings will be available for you by November 1, 2022

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I’ll show you how to surf the Universe like a master manifestor.
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Two Days to Make an Unprecedented Shift in Success and Prosperity.
Change Your Paradigm, change your consciousness, change your life.

It's time to unlock the secret teachings that amplify your abundance and success in many ways...

“I'm reminded of my truest self ”

Kisma is the real deal. Every time I take a training with her, I feel profoundly connected to both my own inner knowing, and All That Is. I'm not easily impressed - I've studied with many teachers, read the books, and gone on the quests. But I love and trust Kisma's approach, and it's clear that she does the work and she runs clean.

Sinclair Kennally

CEO Vision Nation

Abundance Alchemy™ Paradigm Shifting Workshop will Unleash Astonishing Amounts of Abundance in Life and Business!

Shift your Paradigm, Change Your Consciousness, Elevate Your Life!

“Kisma's content is life changing.”

Jenn Aspinwall

Copy Director & Brand Expert

“I can see shifts in my prosperity...”

Jill Secker
I find for each challenge I am facing there is some answer in the teachings that feels like such a blessing. I can see shifts in my prosperity in all areas of my life and I am so grateful. Thank you.

Jill Secker

Professional Supervisor, Occupational Therapist, & Work Well Being Coach

Your next miracle is just one vibration away...

Will you decide to learn how to think with Universal law and rewire your belief system to welcome in a new Prosperous Paradigm?

Clear Money and Prosperity Blocks
Get Clear on Your Purpose
Shift Old Paradigms
Ignite NEW Prosperous Paradigms
Experience a DEEP Energetic Clearing 
ALL Recordings 
Discover a New Way of Being, Doing, and Receiving
Increase Abundance
Confidence & Certainty
Wealth Consciousness
Deep Healing
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Divine Paradigm

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The Prosperity Code Coaching Method

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Meet Kisma...

Your Prosperity Code™ Mentor

Kisma Orbovich, Creator of The Prosperity Code™, CEO of Illumination Academy™ and Co-host of Illumination Podcast™ is an expert at helping CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and professionals master their life and business through understanding the principles of the Spiritual and Universal Laws.

She is co-host of her own award winning podcast, Illumination Podcast™ with Nick and Kisma. Having produced her own live events, such as The Prosperity Code Live™ and The Miracle Codes Live™, Kisma is a sought after guest speaker and teacher across industries.

She’s a philosopher with a unique gift for teaching complex universal laws and making them applicable in everyday life and business. Her  personal studies that make her a powerful mentor include studying at an Ashram in India, and harnessing the powerful edge of intuition.

Kisma's private clients are multiple 6, 7 and 8 figure earners and they use her teachings to create success in business, relationships and life.

Kisma’s passion and purpose is to teach you how to create miracles on demand. Her new proprietary self-spiritual coaching methodology The Prosperity Code Coaching System  and The Ashram Alchemists™ will give you the tools and the instruction manual to make it happen.

The results you can expect from

Paradigm Shifting Two Day Workshop with Kisma

Here’s what our amazing clients have to say about working with Kisma...

The Abundance Alchemy

Paradigm Shifting Two Day Workshop

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