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The Ashram Alchemists

Unlock Your Inner Spiritual Power for Infinite Success
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In Ashram Alchemists we help Entrepreneurs, Career Professionals, and Seekers reach the highest and best version of themselves. 

In Ashram Alchemists™ we help Entrepreneurs, Career Professionals, and Seekers reach the highest and best version of themselves. 

Achieve the greatest version of YOU

  • Stop talking yourself out of your goals and dreams
  • ​Avoid self sabotage and getting stuck along the way
  • Leave all limiting beliefs in the past
  • Start taking confident, inspired action toward what you want
  • Achieve anything you truly desire with more ease than ever before
This path exists and is 100% available to you, simply by changing your current belief system. I'm here to help you do just that- to make you an unstoppable alchemist. 

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The Prosperity Code™ has completely changed my spiritual practice from trying to believe to living wisdom!

Greetings - I’m Kisma, your Prosperity Code™ Mentor. 

I'll never forget that sleepless heart was pounding, I tossed and turned. Suddenly, a surge or realization shot up my spine and into my awareness.

After years of studying ancient wisdom, energetic healing, mindset and coaching tools, I had a knowing so profound that it shook me to my core.

It was about the internal power we humans all have...

The power that exists in our mind, and expresses in our words. The energy that is embedded in our language and actions and manifests our external reality.

The truth that my anxiety and stress was caused by me. I was a high functioning stress ball. And I had had enough.

I had plenty of knowledge and teachings, but what I really needed was a system- a surefire way to get myself out of the gripping anxiety and back into my creative flow. 

I found that certainty in The Prosperity Code™. It is an elegant system that takes the most powerful teachings on the planet and puts them into action in your everyday life. 

The Ashram Alchemists is where bright, shining Souls come together to seek Self Mastery and put the Prosperity Code™ to work in our work, our relationships, our businesses and of course, our spiritual connection. 

The Code is a a compass that aligns you to your true north, and in my own life, and can tell you that the more centered I am- the more confident and certain in my being— The better able I am to manifest amazing people and experiences without the pressure chamber that often goes along with success.

I want that for you because I know that you have amazing potential inside you just waiting to come out. And the world needs more of that right now. The world needs more of YOU. 


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